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Doggy day care (dog sitting)

About Doggy Day Care

If your dog is unhappy with being left alone at home, then daycare is a great solution! Out at work all day? - you can simply drop your doggy off at our house and pick up a happy, fed, well exercised and loved dog when you come home. This is called doggy day care, for the simple reason that it is like a childminding service, except for dogs! Click here for prices.

The benefits of Doggy DayCare include:

Please come for a visit and see where you dog might be enjoying their day. You may book your dog in well in advance, or set up a regular schedule for care during your working hours, or you may be able to phone up and take your dog in on short notice (if there is an available space).

We are licensed through Watford Borough Council. We are not licensed for puppies under 18 months plus uncastrated males & bitches in season are not accepted into our homes. click here if you want to find out why

If you are considering using our services, please take a moment to click here to review our Terms and Conditions.