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Doggy Day Care (Pet Sitting) £16 per day *
£75 for 5 days
Dog Boarding £22 per day *
£150 per week
1 Hour Walk £9
* we have scoured the internet to find price comparisons for doggy day care and boarding. Prices seem to range from £22 to £35 a day for daycare and £25 to £40 a day for boarding. We think that our rates are therefore very competitive.

Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care/pet sitting is when you dog comes to our house and is looked after in a loving family environment as well as having great walks. Similar to childcare, but with walks!

Dog Boarding/Sleepover vs Kennels

Kennels charge from £16 per day upwards and give very limited walks (2 x 5 minutes if you are lucky). As a general rule, if kennels do not say they will walk your dog, then they will not. Beware also of the add-ons kennels have, such as charging for different diets.

We believe that our service is not only vastly superior to kenneling, far better for the dog (great walks a day and a loving family environment) and may work out cheaper.

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We are licensed through Watford Borough Council. We are not licensed for puppies under 14 months plus uncastrated males & bitches in season are not accepted into our homes. click here if you want to find out why

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